Thursday, November 17, 2005


Yesterday's meeting was fantastic--way better than I would have ever dared to imagine. The only changes made were one minor wording change on one question and a few additions to my bibliography. I was even complimented on the proposal as well as my presentation of it. And I was actually commended for one of my questions. Unheard of! It is a great way to enter this next phase. I never expected it would go so well.

I spoke with someone today who received his PhD from here a few years ago. He said that he thought the Comprehensive Exam Proposal was really the hardest part of the whole process. Here on in it's all follow-through. That makes a lot of sense to me. And it's sort of a thrill to think of it that way.

I haven't really had a moment to sit and think about all of this since it happened. Had to rush off to church immediately after the meeting. D & E took me out to celebrate afterwards. They split a pepperoni pizza and I had tiramisu. :)

Today I was out all day with the Together in Ministry group. We took a tour of a church and neighborhood in O. Very, very similar to G-town in the feel of the neighborhood. It was a strange experience for me to walk around there, feeling as though it was all very familiar, and yet not, at the same time. From there we went to a museum of California History and were led on a tour by a docent that focused on History of Religion in California. Fascinating.

Now I'm honestly exhausted--though I have a full day again tomorrow. All day out at church: planning for Advent, then interviewing a woman who is about to turn 100 (!), then having a Logos meeting. Good grief. I could use a day off . . .

I'll write about our plans for Advent soon.

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