Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I'm pretty well spent today. E came in to our room at about 12:30 last night to say he was feeling queasy. I decided to go and sleep on the love seat in his room so I could be there when he needed me. This made for a long and restless night, but I felt better being close. E is laid low today, still with a fever and feeling pretty awful. Poor kid.

Turns out it was probably a good thing to do as D's fever broke last night. I think his night was likely just as restless. He's a bit better without the fever (I will be convinced when it stays away, though), but he still needs to be restful today.

I'm proceeding as if I'm going to escape this round, but we shall see. Kind of a big weekend coming up at church for me, so I'm hoping I'll be fine.

I'm kind of disappointed with the way the pictures of the creche turned out (below). They are a little dark. I couldn't step back far enough to take in quite the whole scene, so you can't get an impression of the whole of it. But at least it gives you some idea of what we've done. (Do you know you can click on any of the pictures and it'll bring it up into a full-screen shot?)

Think I'll keep this entry short. Creative juices ain't flowing today.

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