Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Being 37

We had a nice, low key day yesterday. For a birthday that comes on the heels of the extravagance of Christmas and New Years, low key is a welcome relief. Too much of a good thing is too much of a good thing, as my dear best friend from high school used to declare.

I'm quite excited about my gift from D--the ms office program which includes Powerpoint. I've been eager to learn this program and to think of ways to incorporate it into an occasional lecture. I've seen it done quite poorly, yes. But I've also seen it done with great success. And it's a tool I hadn't had in my box 'til yesterday. Now to learn it!

My Bro also gave me a couple great gifts--a copy of the eastmountainsouth cd and The Weblog Handbook by Rebecca Blood. Not to mention a gc to Amazon, which will put me into severe options-overload shock, of course. :-) Thanks, Cyen! :-)

Well, just a quick, newsy note before the start of my day. Heading out to church this morning for a meeting. Number One priority this week? Establish schedule for studying!!!!


Mary Beth said...

Happy Day!

JWD said...

Thanks, Mary Beth! :)