Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A Little bit of Everything

Everything is beginning to ramp up again. It's the academic rhythm of life. I don't know, really, how other people do without it. I love this rhythm.

The university students have streamed back into town after some weeks away. So parking is difficult again. And the sidewalks are busy. My prep work for upcoming classes is increasing. I am near on the other side of it, though. There is more to do to prepare for the course I'll be helping with than for the one class I'll be taking. And the latter is a class on Course Design. I'm very excited about it.

Things are beginning up again at church, too. I'll be leading a 12-week study called Living the Questions. I'd be very curious to hear from any folks out there who may have already done this with their congregation, or are in the midst of it now. There are a lot of Jesus Seminar scholars who are part of the project. I used to love the Jesus Seminar, back in the early nineties, but have not been nearly as smitten by their project since attending seminary. Nonetheless, after previewing several episodes of the dvd segments for this curriculum, Living the Questions seems like it will be an excellent program to lead folks through.

E and I are embarking on a season of reading some classics. First on our list is Treasure Island. You should hear my weathered, sea-farer's voice! We're well into the book, after beginning it on Sunday. What a fun read! From there we'll go to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, then Swiss Family Robinson, and the last on the list so far is Tom Sawyer.

Last night I spent the Amazon gift certificate from my brother. I decided to order the same Starter Tea Set that he wrote about a week or so ago. (I had discovered that you can order Adagio Teas through Amazon.) I went with the black tea set--which includes Earl Grey, one of my all-time favorites. I'll let you know what I think! (Click the tea photo to watch a quick video about how the little tea pot works!)

Hmm. Lots of little things today. Good things.

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