Monday, February 20, 2006


Oh! How could I have forgotten?! E just smiled at me and I was reminded--he lost a tooth yesterday!!! His third lost tooth, but his first one in over a year! Wihoo!


cyen said...

Google to the rescue:
Just for curiosity sake I looked up the cost for a replacement tooth and found this:
"The cost to place and restore a dental implant typically ranges from $2,000 to $4,000 per tooth, including the services of the surgeon and the dentist."

So a few $ from the tooth fairy seems rather inexpensive comparitively ;)

JWD said...

Hey Bro,

Great link! Thanks! Looks like a bunch of folks recommend the Sakajawaya (sp?) gold dollar coin. I had had the same idea some months back and actually put one aside for the occasion. I bet you know how the story ends . . .

I have NO IDEA where I tucked it away! :) Murphy's Law, I guess.

Revem said...


Our eldest boy lost his first tooth a month ago and after much deliberation between the toothfairy and her husband we decided $AUS1 for milk teeth and $AUS2 for molars.

My son was so excited when it finally fell out, it had been wobbly for months. But he lost it in bed and so you then had myself and hubby on our hands and knees searching his bedroom floor for this tiny tooth. Luckily his room was tidier than normal, otherwise we wouldn't have had a hope.

But it was found and then replaced with a dollar

Blessings Emma

JWD said...

Finding a tiny tooth in the boy's bedroom--like a needle in a haystack. I'm impressed with your determination to find it!

Your toothfairy financial plan sounds great--but do molars really come out, too? I thought they were there to stay...