Thursday, March 23, 2006

CPT Hostages Rescued!!!

Great News!

The remaining CPT hostages were rescued! See this NYTimes article.

Oddly enough, the CPT website seems to be downplaying the role the military played in the rescue of the hostages. In fact, they make no mention of their role at all. They merely state that the hostages were "released."

I heard the news first from Cyenobite. Thanks, Bro!


cyen said...

I too noticed the lack of of the CPT org mentioning the role of the military in their rescue. This makes me suspicious and I think is a blemish on their org. If Anyone rescued me I would be sure to thank them! (even if the building were unoccupied at the time of the rescue.) I made sure to point this item out in my blog that it was a rescue and not a release.

Pastor Katherine said...

How bewildering. But alleluia anyway!!

Katherine said...

whoops, I was still logged into my church blog account. :-)