Friday, March 31, 2006

Five Things My Mom (or Dad or Grandmother) Used to Say

Name five things you used to hear your mother or father (or even a grandparent) say, especially things you might be surprised to hear coming out of your own mouth. [RevGal Friday Meme]

1. What in the sam hill? [Or is it Sam Hill? Who the heck was Sam Hill? When Mom would say this, I would say, "Ooooooh, I'm calling Grandmom 'cause you cursed." Which always made Mom laugh.]

2. More hurry, less speed. [I actually say this all the time myself now.]

3. God made one like you and threw the mold away. [I always took quite a bit of pride in hearing this one.]

4. No singing at the table. [This was Dad's thing. Mom was against it. There is always singing allowed at our table now.]

5. On evenings when my brother or I might be especially wound up and full of giggles, my Mommom used to say with a sense of caution to it, "You're going to be crying before bed." I guess she had grown up believing that any abundant expression of emotions that were on one end of the spectrum would easily transform into the other end. I don't know. Anyone else get that one?

6. Bonus: Go clean your room! Sure heard that one a lot.

7. Bonus bonus: Get the Ax! [How could we have forgotten this one, Brother? This was Dad's famous line when he couldn't get the distributor cap off of the engine of the car. It wasn't a joke either. He was in all serious fury telling Mom to go get the ax so he could chop the damn thing off! But it quickly became the phrase of choice whenever we met with some impossibly frustrating task.]


dreamydeas said...

My father used to say: "Son, you are adopted..."


JWD said...

Ha! Yeah, come to think of it, my Dad used to tell me I was adopted, too.

cyen said...

ok, I'll play along too, with a few more...

Sue said...

I'm glad you allow singing at your table now. :)