Thursday, March 30, 2006

Symphony Night!

Alright! Getting ready to go to the Symphony shortly. And tonight is an extra treat for me. Two of our companions are not able to make it to this evening's performance which means D and E are able to join me! It took a bit of gentle convincing, especially of the boy (who turns 8 in a couple days!). When I first broached the subject with him, he immediately began scrambling for suggestions of who could babysit. :) Unfortunately, the prime babysitting candidates are the wonderful women who couldn't make it to the symphony tonight. Ahhh, catch-22.

But I asked the boy again today, and he ended up being more open to it. "I knew it would make you happy, Mom." He said. What a wonderful son.

And it's no less great that D is going, of course! It will be such fun to share this experience with them. At the very least so they can picture where I'm traipsing off to these days.

Tonight we'll be hearing Shostakovich all evening: Suite No. 1 for Jazz Orchestra, Violin Concerto No. 2, and Symphony No. 13 Babi Yar. The conductor is Mstislav Rostropovich.

I had a productive morning studying for the Theology Exam (which will happen a week from today). I'm trying to remember everything I once knew about Tillich. Ugh.

And we had fun shopping birthday gifts for the boy. Our big celebration will be a day early since our Sunday is so chock full right now. There's been talk of going ice skating that day. But maybe we'll stick closer to home and play with all the cool new stuff. We'll see.

Tomorrow we bring cupcakes to E's class. I've never been a very good cupcake baker. They always come out especially squat for some reason. So we'll have to see if they'll be homemade or bakery-bought . . .

Alright, better get dinner for everyone. Then off for the evening's delight!

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