Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Und lass uns wieder con der Liebe reden

Today has been a good, if full-to-the-brim, day. I spent the majority of it doing the first read-through of papers. Overall, I am really quite pleased with the quality of the work and writing. Looks like it's really going to be a great semester!

It was a beautiful day today, after some days of rain and cold. This afternoon I got to go up to the campus and play baseball with E. Apparantly he told his Dad today that he's "starting to worship baseball again." D told me he quickly corrected him, saying, "Well, you shouldn't really worship baseball. But you can love it!" But D also told me on the inside he was saying, "Hooray!!!!" D is a huge baseball fan, and he's been wonderfully patient as E has fallen in love with just about every sport but baseball.

That's not entirely true, on E's part. His first love of baseball was when he was not yet even two years old. He would play 'catch' for hours. And his favorite stance was to crouch down like a catcher. He also always insisted on someone playing the role of an umpire. He loved to play up until about four-years old. At seminary, the three of us spent many-a-day playing ball out in the grove (after which this blog is named). E's love seemed to culminate with playing tee-ball, the summer just before we moved across the country.

After that, he loved football, then basketball, and now hockey. But a couple days ago, the baseball cap suddenly reappeared. And now, we're off!

Monday evening I came out from my workshop to find D & E playing ball on campus. Not expecting to see them, I was astounded at how big E has gotten. He turns 8 in just a couple weeks. I don't know. There was something about the unexpectedness of it, that made me see him anew. My dear boy.

Well, I think this may be it for me tonight. Creative energy is low at the moment. Perhaps I ought to include one more poem, as tomorrow night is symphony night for me again! What the heck, how about two today?

Ruhe, meine Seele
by Karl Henckell

Nicht ein Luftchen regt sich leise,
Sanft entschlummert ruht de Hain;
Durch de Blatter dunkle Hulle
Stiehlt sich lichter Sonnenschein.

Ruhe, ruhe, meine Seele,
Dein Sturme gingen wild;
Hast getobt und hast gezittert,
Wie die Brangung, wen sie schwillt.

Diese Zeiten sind gewaltig,
Bringen Herz und Hirn in Not--
Ruhe, ruhe, meine Seele,
Und vergiss, was dich bedroht!

Rest, My Soul!

No breath of air stirs.
The field is wrapped in soft sleep.
A shaft of sunlight
works its way through the dark leaves.

Rest, rest my soul.
Your storms were wild,
they raged and trembled
like the waves as they crest.

These are violent times,
endangering heart and mind--
rest, rest my soul,
and forget what threatens you!

by Hermann von Gilm

Stell aug den Tisch die duftenden Reseden,
Die letzten roten Astern trad herbei,
Und lass uns wieder von der Liebe reden,
Wie einst im Mai.

Gib mir die Hand, dass ich sie heimlich drucke
Und wenn man's sieht, mir ist es einerlei,
Gib mir nur einen deiner sussen Blicke,
Wie einst im Mai.

Es bluht und duftet heit auf jedem Grabe,
Ein Tag im Jahr ist ja den Toten frei,
Komm an mein Herz, dass ich dich wieder habe,
Wie einst im Mai.

All Souls' Day

Lay the fragrant flowers on the table,
put the last red asters here
and let us talk of love again,
as we did in May.

Give me your hand to hold in secret--
but if anyone sees, it's all the same;
just give me one of your sweet glances,
as you did in May.

Today, every grave is covered with fragrant blossoms.
For one day each year, the dead are free.
Come to my heart, so that I may have you again,
just as in May.

For cd's where some of these poems can be found see the end of this entry: Habe Dank

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