Sunday, May 14, 2006

The New Floor Plan!

Okay, does this give me official Geek Status? I used SmartDraw trial version software to create my own little "sims" version of our new apartment! This isn't exactly accurate, but it's close enough. I couldn't figure out how to include the closets--there's one in the living room, a linen closet in the hallway across from the larger bedroom, and closets in each bedroom. Also, the space behind the bathroom isn't ours. I couldn't figure out how to change the outer walls.

But it gives you a good sense of about how much space we'll have. I believe I scaled most things pretty accurately. The kitchen will definitely be the tightest fit. We're hoping we'll be able to get the kitchen table in there, but we may end up eating off our laps in the end.

So, pretty cool, huh? (Remember, if you click on the picture here it will open up in its own window at a larger size.)


BG said...

This is very impressive planning. Does it have a feature that lets you see if a couch fits through the door - or if you have to saw off a leg?

cyen said...

Very Cool! Nice Job!
Looks like it all will be a tight fit, but very doable. "cozy"? I'm sure the large windows will be a big help in making the space feel larger.
If you want to "geek-it-up" to the next level...
go 3d! with a new piece of software aquired by google called "sketch-up" - It's pretty simple to use (after the tutorial).
I think there is a 3d library too, so you wouldn't have to re-create things like a couch.
(hee hee, I liked the comment about sawing off the couch legs)

will smama said...

I like it!

srf said...

So, uh, where do the books go? :-)

see-through faith said...

laughing at the sofa comment

my mum has a great table (don't know if yo can get them in the US) but it's only about 8-10 wide. with two LARGE flaps.

It'd be perfect for your kitchen as you can put it up when it's time to eat and then have it flat when you are preparing food etc.

She keeps one chair either side of the table and that works well.

Usually she just lifts 1 flap (suits 3 people easily - with the other flap against the wall) but the beautiful thing is for a bigger event she can move the table into the sitting room and seat extras (with chairs from the neighbour)

she's only in a 1 bed flat now and found it hard at first. This table really really helped make use of the space. When she's alone she often eats breakfast /snacks from the tray on her walker but that's a different matter I think.

it all looks lovely and I hope you'll be very happy

as for the books ... good you've ditched some (though I hate doing it)

and I laughed too at your not breaking enough non-essential kitchen stuff. That really is a problem isn't it. The kitchen stuff - most of which you need so rarely :( sigh

jledmiston said...

This is so cool. Also, I like the moon info on your site. I'm trying to work the words "waning gibbous" into my conversations today. :)

JWD said...

cyen, okay 3-D would outgeek me. :) Although I'm sorely tempted...

srf, I figured we'd just have you hold the books in your lap whenever we come visit. :) Yeah, I think that's the plan. Whatever books we bring into the house we have to carry with us all the time.

bg, believe it or not we took the legs off our couches already! :) But that was because our cat kept batting his toy mouse under them, then digging and scratching and digging away trying to get 'em back out. Drove us crazy! Now he's climbing boxes to the tippy top and pretending he's a majestic lion on the edge of a cliff. He LOVES moving.

Lorna, thanks for that tip about the table. We have a kitchen table that has two flaps that when folded down we're hoping will work. But the table you describe sounds like it would be even better. I'll keep my eye out for something like that around here!

Jan, D suggested "gibbous this day our daily bread . . ." That's pretty bad, huh?

SingingOwl said...

Oooh, yes pretty bad. This is cool software. I'm a veteran mover and I never get good at it. My sister (not the one I just blogged about, the other one) can have her new home all set with pictures on the wall and flowers on the table in a matter of days. Not me.

Revem said...

This is fantastic. I will be using the software when we find our new home, and I am tempted by the 3D version. You can buy that sort of table at my all time favourite store IKEA. You are doing well with your books WM would love me to cull but I just can't. Happy arranging and rearranging and rearranging until your happy