Sunday, May 14, 2006

Transitions - Getting Ready to Move

Things are really ramping up now for the move. Yesterday morning we were able to go in to the new place and take some measurements. The folks who were in the process of moving out were extremely gracious about letting us meander around with our measuring tape! Not only that but they were terrific about giving us some insider information about good take-out joints nearby. How nice is that?

When we came back home (hm, that's getting to be a more complicated phrase), we spent most of the day packing. Lots of books. (Though we won't have near the fifty or so boxes of books of previous moves!) I packed up non-essential kitchen stuff. (I haven't broken nearly enough things in recent weeks to make much of a dent.) :) We placed a couple pieces of furniture out front with big "FREE" signs on them--and they were gone within hours.

When I collapsed from packing boxes, then I printed out some graph paper and drew a floorplan for the apartment to scale. Then I measured our furniture and cut out little representations of those. (I even colored them in with E's crayons.) :) Then we had fun arranging and re-arranging things to see how best stuff would fit. Obsessive? I guess.

This morning I woke up aching through and through. Maybe a little too productive yesterday! I haven't been able to meet the pace we established. But still we've managed to get some things accomplished today.

What's great is that I'm very excited about the move now. After our visit yeserterday morning I have decided I love the new place. A friend asked us yesterday if it had any amenities. "Just the windows," I replied. It's true. No dishwasher, no fireplace, no washer/dryer in the apartment. But the most wonderful windows with North and East exposures. The whole front of the apartment, which includes the living room and the kitchen, is basically be-windowed. The living room window especially is long and wide, taking up most of the length of the room. And of course it overlooks the park and several trees. Seems like such a lovely place to drink my tea in the morning.

We've decided the new place has the feel of a beach house. Airy, bright, small but livable. I think it's really going to be just right for us.

Well, guess that's it for now.

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