Friday, May 26, 2006

We're Here!

Wow. I guess I hadn't realized it had been a week since my last post. This has been one of those time-out-of-time periods as we made the big move on Wednesday. So I am writing my first-ever blog post in our new home!

The move went very well, thanks to some good friends who helped us out. We have spent the past couple days simply unpacking, re-building furniture, moving furniture (do you like it here? Or here? Is that better or is that better?), putting books on shelves, attaching bookshelves to the wall for earthquake protection, and then collapsing at the end of the day.

The great news is, we absolutely love it here. There seems to always be a generous breeze, like there is when you get close to water. (Aside to my dear Brother--the field across the street is perfect for flying kites!) With our equally generous windows, the air moving through our space is spectacular.

At lunchtime today D and I took a walk through our new neighborhood for the first time. It's really something! We managed to find this terrific bakery/deli and got the best Ruben and Roast Beef sandwich that we've ever had on the West Coast. One of our favorite local coffee establishments has a place just a few blocks from us. And there is a great locally-owned bookstore, too.

The field across the street was hopping from about 5:00 pm until just a few minutes ago--with kids soccer games, practices, folks cheering. Now there are a few adults warming up for what looks like might be a big ol' softball game. Tons of activity over there. It's great.

We still have junk to clear out of the old place. We're hoping to gather up enough energy to host a yard sale, either Monday or possibly as late as next Saturday. (That would be great if we could have a little more time to recover from the physical work of the move. We're clearly not as young as we used to be!)

But things are coming along. We're really happy with the place we found. It was exactly the right decision for us.


cyen said...

I missed your blog comments over this past week :) Welcome back!
Sounds like you all like your new place - thats great! Your descriptions of the area make it sound like a neat place to live. So glad for you all.

revabi said...

So glad you are moved in and are liking your new home and neighborhood.