Sunday, July 16, 2006

Extreme Makeover

For my more astute readers, you've likely noticed the new digs around here. :) I'd been growing tired of the blue background in my blog--I was finding it weighty and a bit gloomy. When I'd spied the new template on the famed RevGalBlogPals site, I was inspired to find a new look.

My big regret, though, is that I am without the beautiful leaf banner that my dear brother helped me create. So, likely there will still be more changes to come. (Especially since my bro is heading out to see us in just a week's time! So I may have to rope him into playing with the ol' template with me. We have such a 21st century relationship.)

Today was the end of my first week of 'playing church.' I put together the service this morning and led the whole thing while the pastor is away. It was great to be doing this the second year in a row--I felt much more comfortable and knew what to expect.

For the call to worship I read a slightly modified version of Lorna's beautiful meditation on Waterfalls. When folks arrived in the sanctuary they were greeted by the sounds of waterfalls that I had playing on the sound system. I continued the waterfall sounds through the announcements, prelude, and call to worship--fading it out as we began singing the first hymn. It was lovely and I think people received the gift of God's presence. Turns out our guest preacher had once visited Victoria Falls (I had color photos of Victoria Falls on the bulletin cover), and commented on their awe-inspiring beauty later in the service. So, thank you, Lorna! I credited you in the bulletin as the author of the call to worship and referred folks to your blog to read more of your writing! :)

We have had the best neighborhood day ever today. Two doors down lives a little family with a boy going into 4th grade (E's going into 3rd) and his little brother who's just a tyke. I'd met F a few weeks ago when I came home from church one day. But E hadn't met him yet. Well, last evening D & E (I really need to get blog names for my family!), went out and shot some baskets on E's little hoop. Our neighbor joined in and they had a great time. So after church today, F showed up at our door and asked if E could go out and play!

It's been a day right out of the 1970s--with the kids coming in and out of the house, playing basketball, playing in the park across the street, running back and forth between the houses, playing in E's room. This is not a play date, folks. This is just good old fashioned, "Can E come out and play?" Amazing.

In the meantime, I've got a pot roast cooking on the stove. A good old fashioned Sunday dinner. I can hardly stand it! Whose life am I living??? Whose ever it is, I love it.


Katherine said...

I love the new look! To be honest, I think the same thing about my perennial plum... so dark in the summer. I'm tempted to cross over to an airy white.

The worship service sounds wonderful!

revabi said...

Oh I love the look you have and the one for revgalpals. Where did you all get it?

And what a wonderful multisensory service. The Holy Spirit does blow still.

JWD said...

Revabi, you can check out some fantastic new templates at

Of course you know to save your previous template to a txt document so you can add all your special sidebar things again. The new template will remove any customization you've done over time. (I figure you know this, but would feel awful if I shoulda said it and didn't!)

Katherine, come on over to the bright side. :) Though I'd be sad if it meant losing your banner, too. Your banner inspired mine!

Lorna said...

Hearing and then seeing those waterfalls must have been wonderful - and really helped those who are not word oriented to step into the message that His LOVE is like a waterfall.

I wish there was a good word in English for being positively selfish - as that's what we need to be when it comes to receiving from God. We are to give from the overflow - and not receive a tiny drop and rush away from the source in our eagerness to share it - teaspoonful by teaspoonful.

Praying that your congregation will continue to be blessed by God's love. Thank you for your encouragement to me too - it's been a life-line!

PS I miss the leaves banner too. It was inspirational!

Katherine said...

[gulp] I did it. I went white. I kept the plum for the text... couldn't do away with it all together.

I did want to tell you-- for some reason, not all of the graphics (especially the title banner) do not show up on my Mac. I saw it in its full glory on the church pc... oops, did I just admit that I check your blog at work?

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I am liking the new do! So bright and cheery!