Thursday, July 13, 2006

Time Flies When You Have a Job

Alright, today I heard from my brother and my Mom who were concerned that I hadn't blogged since Monday. :) My, how the world has changed!

Thing is, I had no idea it was Thursday night already. When did that happen??? This week has gone so quickly because this is the week I start 'playing church.' The pastor and the church secretary go to the Baptist Peace Fellowship Peace Camp every year--and for the second year in a row now they ask me to kind of hold down the fort. So I've been waking up bright and early and driving out to the church each morning. It's been lovely. I thoroughly enjoy it. And figure I've got to add that feeling into this neverending process of vocational discernment about pastoral or academic life.

On the homefront, we had a great time tonight taking E to his hockey clinic. I'm so proud of how hard he works at these things. He's much tougher with other teachers/coaches than he is with ol' Mom and Dad! That's heartening to me. After the clinic we grabbed a bite to eat, then E spent some of his allowance on a new hockey stick and some better elbow pads. The hockey stick is almost three inches longer than his old one. The kid is growing!

Pop Culture Moment: So, who's watching Rockstar: Supernova? What is the deal with keeping Sayira after her horrible performance of "You Really Got Me Now"??? It was painful to watch. Her little shoulder shake / convulsion by the guitar player was reminscent of one of Elaine's dance moves on Seinfeld! Good grief!

Hm. Think that's all the energy I have to write at the moment. Topics I want to write about soon though: small talk, merging, and update on! There's your teaser. :)

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