Sunday, February 25, 2007

Starting Over?

Well, gee, I feel like I need to practically start over from scratch here on the old blog. I've probably lost nearly all the folks who used to stop by here regularly. And I do apologize for my absence this past little while. Bit of a sabbatical I suppose.

Things are actually going exceptionally well these days. Some exciting possibilities are in the works, which I hope to be able to share here, soon.

One exciting development in recent days has been that D and I invested in a couple new computers. Although the expense was large, it was also a very real necessity for us. The two of us do all our work from home (D is freelance and I, of course, teach and study), so our computers hold our whole lives (and livelihood)!

After much consideration, we decided to make The Switch--and we left our PC lives behind and joined the world of Apple! After a weekend of trying to familiarize ourselves with the new operating system, I'd say we're doing pretty well. And we love the machines. They sure are beautiful.

This week has been consumed by Lent preparations. We doing a very unique, celebratory Lenten series this year drawing out all the beautiful (mostly Hebrew scripture) passages of promise that fill our lectionary texts these season. One of my favorite things that we've done is moved the large (4-foot) fountain in from the courtyard outside into the sanctuary. The sound of the water burbling throughout the worship service was really beautiful.

Well, I guess that's it for now. I do promise to try and be a bit more consistent here than I have in recent weeks.


Katherine said...

Welcome back!

Your Lenten celebration sounds wonderful. My sermon title today was The "Joy" of Lent... and I hope I worked some real joy from those quotation marks.

We switched to a Mac and like it, mostly. If I could do it again I'd get AppleCare.

Amy said...

Welcome back. I've missed you!