Thursday, July 12, 2007

Why Can't Anything Be Simple?

In the words of my two-year-old nephew: "Oh, man!"

Today my brother left a comment here with a link to this article about The Dark Side of Soy.

I'm so bummed! Just when I thought I'd found a clear cut answer to eating more responsibly and healthfully.



srf said...

Sorry friend. I think this must be evidence of total depravity (my version of it anyway - everything is touched by suffering).

The wholistic nutritionist I worked with when I did my stint of vegetarian cooking and eating gave me three pieces of advice that might be helpful to you. I loved working with her because she was concerned not only with the health and nutrition of human bodies, but also of the earth. First, she said that the most important part of creating a healthy diet is actually variety. Too much of a good thing really can be a bad thing, as the article your brother linked suggested. One way to find this variety which is actually better for the earth is buying locally grown/raised food that is in season. Second, she always reminded me that bacteria is good for you! In fact good bacteria is essential for good digestion. So, where you might have trouble digesting milk products, bacteria-laden dairy products like yogurt and some cheeses can be good. Same with tofu - straight up can be a little hard, but miso is much better. Finally, she advised me (one who was worried about missing meat) to stay away from things that try to replicate or take the place of would otherwise be meat of some sort (because they often are filled with chemicals, artificial flavoring, and highly processed) and to enjoy the veggies and grains for themselves. I have to say, that really worked for me. I never really missed the meat and my palate changed and grew. Now when I want comfort food, I crave my favorite Lentil-Bulgur casserole or the amazing Israeli Salad in the Enchanted Broccoli Forest cookbook.

I know you probably know all of this already, but I thought I'd share some of Maggie's wisdom and advise. I suspect the hardest part of you is figuring out how to balance the veggie life with family life.

Amy said...

That news really make me want to eat a hamburger.

btw, my word verification is lzmfo. Seems appropriate to my comment, don't you think?

revabi said...

And isn't that the way it is. Dadgumit!

Anonymous said...

and soy in your diet isn't bad enough.I am allergic to both corn and soy. lately though chicken has been giving my the same symptoms, so I went searching two guesses what eighty percent of chicken feed is yep soy and corn.