Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Heater Dance

I'm sitting in the living room at the moment while someone is dismantling our heater in the hallway.

Our landlord called a bit ago to confirm that we would be around for the appointment. I was glad that I thought to ask him what he expected to be done--would they repair it? clean it? replace it? He said that the plan was to repair it or that it would be replaced if they determined that was necessary.

So when the workmen came in, I immediately said: "We'd love it if you erred on the side of caution and determined we needed a new heater."

Well, it turns out he didn't need a moment to decide. He took out a flashlight and looked in there and said, "Oh, yeah, you need a new heater alright."

Joy! I didn't realize I had a new heater dance until the occasion arose, but when he went back outside to collect his tools, I was dancing away in the kitchen: "We're gettin' a new heatah! We're gettin' a new heatah!" Much to D's delight, as you can imagine.

I am glad for the news, though. Last week's events put a bit of the fear of God in me. And I don't think I ever would have trusted that the repairs had entirely fixed the problem. So this will be a relief to me.

He showed me where the damage was--there was a piece that had broken off. Who knows how long ago? I can tell you we never found it laying around, though. And then he also showed me where the residue had built up. I actually took pictures of it and can post 'em for the curious.


cheesehead said...

That must have been quite a joyful dance, indeed!

Thanks be to God for repairmen who err on caution's side!

cyen said...

I'm glad Someone was looking out for you all. ;)
(I hope I get to see the happy heater dance soon ;)

JWD said...

I think the happy heater dance is completely spontaneous and can't be repeated unless there is an even newer heater! :)

Thanks Cheesehead and Cyen. We're glad to be safer.

Oh, and we bought a Carbon Monoxide Detector at Target tonight. I'm about to put it up now.

Gue said...
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