Monday, November 21, 2005

Finding Treasures

Well, we thoroughly enjoyed the movie on Saturday. It was great to see it all together, now that all three of us have read the books. I do agree with the PG-13 rating, but I didn't feel as though it was nearly as violent or intense as the last Star Wars movie. We took E to that because he'd been so into the Star Wars films for a long time, but it was too much. He was shaken up by it at the end, (understandably so!) and I felt awful for that. Maybe by the time we get to the end of the HP movies, they will be equally as dark. Of course, E will be old enough to handle it then . . .

Today I was finally able to take the break I've been needing. I wrote up the interview from Friday afternoon and sent that off to the church. And I made those few changes to my comp proposal and sent that to my advisor for one final check before submitting it to the dean's office. Then I closed things up and took the rest of the day off. So wonderful.

We walked down the block for lunch. Got a great green curry with tofu from the Thai place. They have the most delicious red rice. Have you ever heard of that? I need to find out about it.

Things are gearing up for Thanksgiving. We're co-hosting with some new friends who moved into our building this year. L wants to cook her first turkey. I'll contribute my sister's-in-law famous blue cheese cole slaw and mashed potatoes for dinner and pies for dessert. So far there will only be seven of us. We'll have the first half of the party down here, watch the football game and play board games. Then head upstairs for the feast. I'm getting excited about it.

I went through a time, for a number of years, when I hated holidays. Seemed like forced frivolity to me. Now, I feel like I get it. I think we need the rhythm of feast days built into life. I think I finally started to get it as I learned about the liturgical year. Yes, I do love feast days now.

Oh! I trash-picked another chair today! :) I completely fell in love with it. It's quite unusual. It has claw feet, wrapped around glass balls. Then the seat is like an old piano stool, that rotates so its height can be adjusted. But this one has a back to it, too. The chair is really not in bad shape. Although, I think it does need to be refinished. I started to walk away from it, saying glumly, "Gosh, I wish I knew how to refinish furniture." Doug jokingly said, "I'm sure you could learn how in your free time." But as I walked along, I thought about how I taught myself to knit last January and I figured, "Why not?!" So we walked back down the block and put the chair in the trunk of the car. Surely I can teach myself how to refinish it . . .

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