Friday, December 09, 2005

Out of Balance

I have not been doing my academic work recently. It has lately been the thing that gets pushed off the plate first. Church has been taking most of my time. And Mom-hood. And the academic work is suffering. This needs to change. It won't be able to be this weekend. But it has to be on Monday. When I am away from my academic work for too long, I begin to believe that I've never thought anything, ever! When I'm immersed in my work, my brain whirs.

I played around with the blog today. Applied to a couple blog rings of folks who seem to have a similar interest. I didn't start this blog with much intent of having very many folks read it at all. Only close friends. But now I feel like I'm finally starting to have some small sense of what the potential of blogs can be. Especially for progressive Christians / theologians who tend to feel terribly isolated.

I'm brewing some chamomile tea with honey for E at the moment. His cough is persistant. Still a fever. The spots seem to be only bug bites. A relief. D is back down with a low fever and headache. The whole house is out of balance.

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