Friday, January 06, 2006

God is Present in the Very Fabric of Life

Came across a couple excellent reflections in reading Modern Theologies of Prayer by Perry Le Fevre this afternoon. Especially, I appreciated the following in his concluding chapter "A Personal Viewpoint--The Theological Ground." Le Fevre writes:
The reality of God is experienced in human existence in and through the transformation of the self, the self's freedom, and the self's relation to others. Whatever
  • heals the inner conflict of the divided self
  • releases us from bondage to the past
  • overcomes hostility and loneliness
  • heals the brokenness between person and person
this reality alone can be finally trusted. God is what God does.
Later, Le Fevre goes on to say:
Since the reality of God is present in the very fabric of life, we may be unaware at the conscious level of the meaning of what we experience and observe. At times, however the presence of this reality is so intensely experienced that its identity becomes clear. Such experience gives rise to symbols and then to critical reflection in which we attempt to grasp and express the significance of what has been experienced. In its most fundamental sense this grasping of meaning is metaphorical.

Perry Le Fevre, Modern Theologies of Prayer (Chicago: Exploration Press of Chicago Theological Seminary, 1995):320, 321-22.

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Don L. Hutchison said...

Dear JWD––
Metaphorical perhaps because Le Fevre in his "…Theologies of Prayer" is lacking the groundwork neccessary to accept his personal epiphanies and revelations as the truth.
The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of understanding. The Kybalion
Great blog.
Only love prevails,