Friday, January 27, 2006

Winter Reading

Alright! A RevGal Friday Five Meme about Winter Reading. No way I could pass this one up!

1. If you received books as holiday presents, how many and what were they?

The Modigliani Scandal from my son, the Beautiful Boy.

Alterknits and A Crack in the Edge of the World from my sis-in-law

Oh, and my Dad's partner gave me a gift card to Barnes and Noble. I'm still savoring it!

2. Did you buy any for yourself, and if so, what are the titles?


Pillars of the Earth

3. Have you read any of them yet? What's next on your list?

Well, I've read Whiteout, Pillars of the Earth, and The Modigliani Scandal. I've poured over the pages of Alterknit, but haven't made anything from there yet. And I'm in the midst of A Crack in the World.

I'm also reading Treasure Island with E.

Next on my list? Well, I just joined a book club and ordered a bunch of books from there, which I expect to arrive any day now. Talk about your guilty pleasure! (Oh, wait, that was last week's meme.) I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to get The Oxford History of Worship for .40 cents! So here are the books I'm expecting in that package:

Atlas of the Medieval World

Never Have Your Dog Stuffed

The Traveler, Book One

The Oxford History of Christian Worship

Turning Angel

Also, next on E's and my list is 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

4. Do you have a favorite place to read a new book? And does the weather have an impact on that choice?

During daylight hours, my favorite place to read is on the couch with a blanket. At night, I love to curl up in bed with a book. One of my favorite bumper stickers that I saw years ago is: "A Book Lover never sleeps alone!" :) I don't live near snow anymore, but on a snowy day, the bed is the place to be.

5. Does reading in bed make you sleepy?

Good grief, yes! In bed, on the couch, in a chair, standing up, walking around, hanging upside down, in an airplane, in the yard, on the beach, on a bench, in a house with a mouse, in a boat with a goat--you name it! It's a disability I come by naturally, believe me. My grandmother used to fall asleep the moment she lifted the newspaper. And my Mom, too. And now, dear reader, me.

6. BONUS-- Greatest
Winter Reading Experience?
Tess of the D'urbervilles, winter of the sixth grade, while sick in bed for two weeks.


Songbird said...

I absolutely adored Tess. I also loved Far From the Madding Crowd.
Still thinking about that last question...

cyen said...

It must be genetic then, as I too (Brother) am affected by 8-10 hour bouts of narcolepsy upon lifting a book.