Thursday, February 23, 2006

'round and 'round we go

Things seem to be moving along at breakneck pace these days. Remember those merry-go-'round things on kids' playgrounds back in the seventies? We would pile on to them, some in the center, some around the edges, and one or more kids would grab hold of one of the bars and start pushing it as they ran around the circle as fast as possible? If you were one of the runners, you'd have to jump on as soon as you got it up to top speed. Then feel the centrifugal force trying to pull you right off again. Wow, I loved those things. I'd ride 'em so much, especially if they had one at a playground where we were camping, that I'd lie in my bed at night and still feel the spinning going on and on and on.

That's about how things are feeling now, too.

Today I got to go see Sweet Honey in the Rock with E's class! They had a field trip on to the campus of our University to see the concert which was especially for children. After the mile-long walk through the city to get to campus, we waited out in front of the theater for a bit. I think the whole city was there, all elementary-aged kids! We had arrived a good bit early, so sat in the theater full of the hum, okay, the cacophony of kids' voices.

I am still lucky enough that my kid enjoys sitting next to me in public. After sitting for ten or fifteen minutes in this hugely loud space, I felt like I could see him begin to fade. And I think I was doing so myself after a bit. What I think I noticed is that we both ended up getting completely full-up with sound before the event even began! We live in such a quiet home, the three of us. And E and I take so much in, all the time. It was all just a little too much.

Not in any terrible way. And we did enjoy the performance. Of course. But it was an interesting thing to notice, getting all full up.

Tonight, another noisy event. The kids at E's school are performing to celebrate Black History Month. E's class has co-written a song about Rosa Parks! Should be great fun.

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LutheranChik said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! I love Sweet Honey in the Rock!