Friday, March 10, 2006

Gotterbilder leuchten aus dem Laube

Well, very prolific at the beginning of the week. A little reserved later in the week.

I've been wanting to post some of the lyrics to the R. Strauss pieces that I heard at the Symphony last week. And I thought today would be good, as there are many who post poetry on Fridays. Maybe I'll post one a day, over the next few days. This first poem was written by Otto Julius Bierbaum.

Freundliche Vision

Nicht im Schlafe hab' ich das getraumt,
hell am Tage sah ich's schon vir mir.
Eine Wiese voller Margeriten;
tief ein weisses Haus in grunen Buschen;
Gotterbilder leuchten aus dem Laube.
Und ich geh' mit einer, die mich lieb hat,
ruhigen Gemutes in die Kuhle
dieses weissen Hauses, in den Frieden,
der voll Schonheit wartet, das wir kommen.
Und ich geh' mit einer, die mich lieb hat,
in den Frieden voll Schonheit.

Friendly Vision

I didn't dream this as I slept.
I saw before me in bright daylight:
a meadow full of daisies,
a white house deep in the green trees,
visions of heaven glowing in the leaves.
And I am with one who loves me.
We rest in the cool
of this white house, in peace,
this beautiful place that awaits our arrival.
And I am with one who loves me
in the beauty of peace.

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see-through faith said...

thanks for stopping by my site. The JWD gave me a start - they were my dad's initials. (He died in 97)

I love this photo btw - did you take it?

Be blessed
PS the evangelism book isn't bad - a lot of it is God centered which I like - but parts are 'we did' 'we were the first to do' and somehow it got under my skin. As these things do.