Sunday, March 19, 2006

Still Here

Still putting that foot in front of the other one over here. Very busy. Spent all day yesterday, hmmm, all day and well into the night, writing comments and grading papers. A huge task. Very time consuming.

All day today with church stuff. Going there. Coming home and spending the rest of the day preparing for the small group I'm facilitating. Then doing the facilitating.

It has been especially difficult because the weather this weekend has been fantastic--the most spectacular blue skies after too many days of rain. (Not that I've had the time to even notice the rain.)

Hmmm, this is not saying much of anything. But I think I'm a bit worn out. I guess this is just to say, still here! Will write more soon.

1 comment:

see-through faith said...

I think doing church on afternoons / evenings when the sun finally shows its face one of the hardest things to do too.