Saturday, March 11, 2006

Traum durch die Dammerung

I got up this morning with a considerable list of things-to-do. I have Living the Questions to prepare for on Sunday night, part of the lecture to give on Monday, a three-hour workshop on Disabilities and Worship Practices Monday afternoon, and a research assignment due Tuesday.

So far today I've worked on none of it. And I am happy. Wha?

I'm happy because I FINALLY wrote my devotional pieces for the RevGalBlogPal book project "Ordinary Time." I had procrastinated my assignment practically into the ground. And reached that terribly uncomfortable place of having to admit my failure, before I could fulfill the obligation. Ugh.

But I survived it. And I sat myself down and spent the day writing about David's last words. I'll say no more about it here. You'll have to wait 'til November 2006 to find out what finally came about. I'm just glad to say I've finished it. And now feel restored to my RevGal community.

I wrote at the beginning of Lent about wanting this to be a season of rest this year (see Lenten Lives). I still do want that. Though I don't have any fewer demands on my time. So the question is: is it possible to live a spirit of rest while being fully involved? I have a feeling the answer is somehow yes. It's my hope. Because right now, it'll have to be the best I can do.

Here's today's poem from the symphony:

Traum durch die Dammerung
by Otto Julius Bierbaum

Weite Wiesen im Dammergrau
die Sonne verglomm, die Sterne ziehn,
nun geh' ich hin zu der schonsten Frau,
weit uber Wiesen im Dammergrau,
tief in den Busch von Jasmin.

Durch Dammergrau in der Liebe Land;
ich gehe nicht schnell, ich eile nicht;
mich zieht ein weiches samtenes Band
durch Dammergrau in der Lieve Land,
in ein blaues, mildes Licht.

Dream at Twilight

Broad Meadows in gray twilight;
the sun darkens, the stars appear.
I'm going to meet the loveliest woman
far over the meadows in gray twilight,
deep in the jasmine bushes.

Through the gray twilight, in the land of love.
I don't walk quickly, I'm in no hurry.
A soft, silky rein pulls me
through the gray twilight in the land of love,
in a gentle blue light.


Katherine said...

I finally finished my submissions... and then I went and signed on for a bonus round. If I couldn't get four done by the deadline, how do I think I can get one more done by the end of the weekend? Sigh...

The symphony poems are lovely.

Katherine said...

(Incidentally, I think my alter ego shall henceforth be Busch von Jasmin.)

JWD said...

I have to say, I was sorely tempted to sign up for another one or two myself today. Part of me thought it would be proper penance for my horrid lateness. (And it is Lent afterall.) And part of me thought, surely this will keep me sufficiently busy so I don't get to ANYthing else that I need to do. (Sometimes self-destruction looks like a cigarette. Sometimes it looks like too much to do.)

Busch von Jasmin. tee hee hee. I love it.

JWD said...

Ever love the fake words created by the word verification thingy? The last one I had was inwwyeh. Sounds like a Native American chant word to me. I think I'll collect my favorites and blog 'em. Come up with definitions. (The one for this entry is zpofu. God bless you.)

Katherine said...

I'll admit: penance had something to do with it. Strangely, this one is flowing more than the other ones did... of course, here I am procrastinating...

And yes, those comment verification words are real buggers. I'm waiting for them to start slinging insults (Lazyywmyn, etc.). I've actually turned mine off for the time being; I'm going to see if the comment spammers have gone elsewhere.