Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What's Not Impossible is Doing the Work for Today

I decided to delete yesterday's posting because in retrospect it seemed just a little too self-pitying. (Although sincere thanks to Canticles for posting a kind and encouraging comment. Unfortunately, the comment met its demise as a consequence of deleting the posting.)

I've set today aside for beginning vigorous work on the course I'll be designing for my pedagogy class. At this moment I have over two dozen books on worship piled up next to me. And that in and of itself is marvelously exciting.

One of the first things I'll need to do is to decide for certain which seminary I'll be designing the course for. (I think I've narrowed it down to two. But it's soooo hard to decide.) Deciding that, though, will then help me decide better what the focus of the course will be--whether it will be a straight Intro course or one with a narrower, more specialized focus.

So, rather than being overwhelmed by the great unknown future, (as I wrote in the deleted posting), I'll just go ahead and keep at what I'm doing today. Who knows what it will lead to. I never ever would have imagined myself here ten years ago. So why would I think I could accurately predict ten years from now?

In other news. . . There has been lots going on around here, but I've hardly had a moment to sit and write and reflect on it all. Last evening as I was preparing dinner, I thought, "Hmmmm, I wonder at what point I'll have to admit to myself that I'm not actually having a Lent this year?"

Even with all the fullness of these days, though, it's been good. Really good. Although I'm doing tons of work, I'm fortunate enough to be doing work I love. And that's something.

E had a disappointment in his Chess Class yesterday. They are in the midst of their tournament and he went in to yesterday's game tied for first place. Sounds like he played great, but the kid noticed a lucky move, took it, and suddenly the game was over. E really wanted to come out the champion for this tournament. And it was hard to see him disappointed. At the same time, although he was understandably sad, he handled it alright. And that's such an important thing to learn how to do that I'm grateful for the experience for him. It's hard, no doubt about it, but it's part of growing up. (And, boy, is it hard to let that happen!)

Well, guess that's it for now. I better get to work.

Peace & Love.

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