Friday, May 19, 2006

Breaking it in

First things first: I turned in my comp exam essay this morning. It's outta my hands. It's done. 2 down; 7 to go.

I spent much of the rest of the day sorting through old piles of papers. I just couldn't stand to throw these stacks into a box and bring them over to the new place to clutter things up there as well. I filled two paper grocery bags chock full of paper to be recycled. Great success.

This evening I had a great time with two good friends. Just a low key evening, drinking some beers, enjoying some salty olives, good bread and yummy maytag blue cheese, tortilla chips and tasty dip. Before we called it quits for the night we drove over to the new apartment and I got to show it off for the first time. We broke open another round of beers there and sat on the floor enjoying them together. These are the things that change a new apartment into a home.

Now my cat is curled up against me, the air still smells of the freshly fallen rain, and I'm content to be at this home for another few days.

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revabi said...

Congrats on finishing it and good luck on the others.