Thursday, May 18, 2006

The New Place

We officially have possession of the new apartment! Hooray! We met the landlord there about an hour ago, got our keys, our official copy of the lease, and even watched as he put our names on the mailbox! Guess that means we're really doing this thing.

This is the first we've seen the apartment completely empty. You know how some places look bigger when they're empty? Yeah, well, I'm afraid nothing could make this place look bigger. It's little. Very little. Very, very little.

But nice. If we can truly pare down our belongings enough so it doesn't feel cluttered the second we move in, then I think we will really be able to have it look quite nice. We actually had thought about bringing some boxes over this evening when we picked up the keys, but I decided I wanted to see it just once without any of our junk on the floor! :)

I was happy to notice this time that there are windowsills which we don't have in our current place. So some terrific spots for our cat to sit and gaze out the window.

So now, time to pack, pack, pack.

1 comment:

HeyJules said...

Congratulations! It would be cool to see a place I lived in just once without all the junk laying around. :-)