Monday, May 08, 2006

Searching for Home (Last in a Series)

We got the apartment we were hoping for! Last evening we received word that our application was approved. We sign the lease in a couple days and fork over a GI-NORMOUS deposit. We asked to be able to move in as soon as May 20--so we're on a runaway train here.

We feel great about this place. While it's small and has none of the impressive amenities of the Sims Place, at least we won't have to apologize for living here. We're delighted that E will get to stay in the same school district. We love the neighborhood. And the light in the apartment is terrific.

Now if only I could channel Mary Poppins and manage to have everything tidy itself then pack itself neatly into a carpet bag. That would be perfect.

Thanks to everyone for your kind prayers and words of support as we've searched for our home. It is so good to know where we'll be. Such a relief.


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That's fantastic!

Sally said...

Praying for many blessings for you in your new home