Sunday, July 16, 2006

My Pastoral Prayer Today

Holy and Compassionate God
we gather ourselves in prayer before you
because this world needs you
we need you
and we need to carry our burdens to you.

The world aches and groans, O God.
Hear the cries of your people
in Israel, Gaza, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, and Syria.
Calm these violent storms
Settle warring spirits
Open hearts and minds to peaceful resolutions.

Strengthen and invigorate the prophetic voice of your churches
And till the hearts of your people
to receive the hard words that will bend our will to your way.
We pray especially for the Baptist Peace Fellowship
and for all who have been attending their conference this past week.
Renew spirits. Grant boldness. Make your vision known.

Even as we face the harsh realities of a broken world
do not let us give in to despair
but lift us up on eagle's wings and
fill our hearts with a certain hope
for a world reconciled to you
for war no more
for no more tears
by the River of Life.

Rescuing God,
we pray for the people and animals of this state
who are facing the ravages of wildfires.
We pray especially for the safety and wisdom of the firefighters
and for the people who are displaced and distraught.
Receive their cries, O God, and comfort them in your embrace.

There are many here among us who need your loving touch, Healing God.
We pray especially for those who are struggling with illness, cancer, recovering from surgery,
or in times of transition. We pray for those are burdened by too much work, or by not enough.
We pray for those who are grieving. This morning we prayer especially for . . .

Make the sick whole.
Give hope to the dying.
Comfort those who mourn.
Uphold all who suffer in body or mind
not only those we know and love
but also those known only to you,
that they may know the peace and joy of your supporting care.*

Your Holy Spirit is alive and well and active in our world,
O God of Joy and Hope.
Sing to our souls that we might celebrate the large and small ways
that we experience your graceful presence in our lives.
We celebrate new life in all its forms
We celebrate the joy of simple moments of contentment
We celebrate relationships alive with your love
We celebrate the moments brimming over with possibility.
You gift us with life, Spirited God,
and we receive this gift with hearts of open gratitude.

Gracious God,
in your loving purpose
answer our prayers and fulfill our hopes.
In all things for which we pray
give us the will to seek to bring them about
for the sake of Jesus Christ. Amen.*

*All words written by JWD except the stanzas ending with an asterisk which were taken from the Presbyterian Book of Common Worship.

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revabi said...

Such a beautiful prayer for today. Thanks.