Saturday, August 12, 2006

Animal House

My apologies for not writing more consistently lately. Part of it was discipline--making sure I'm putting in the time studying that I need to do, rather than spending time here. But after getting away from writing regularly, it gets difficult to get back to it. I start feeling like I need to have something to say before I write. And nothing can make a blank page more daunting than feeling like you have to have something to say.

So today I am just going to write anything--rather than writing about something. See?

So I believe I mentioned earlier that we've been letting our cat go out into the world at nights. Part of this is because we live on a safe enough and quiet enough street to make it possible. But another motivation is the fact that our cat cannot bear to be locked out of our bedroom at night--so he goes on rounds every hour or so, all night long, yowling and meowing, and scratching at our door. We've given in sometimes, but then he pounces and chews computer wires and looks for other mischevous things to get into, driving us absolutely bonkers. We finally gave up on letting him into the bedroom at night when he started climbing up to the windowsill directly above our heads then launching himself from there onto my body. Not once, or twice, but numerous times in one night. Aaaahhhhh!!!!

Letting him out at night became our ingenious way of solving this issue. Let the cat embrace his wild side and explore the world all night.

This was brilliant of us. For the first three nights. Now, however, Felix still gets overcome by loneliness every morning around six--sometimes earlier. And he starts into his yowling, as if into a megaphone, directly below our bedroom window. This morning, on Saturday mind you, D and I were up at 5:45.

At around 6:15 this morning we heard one of our neighborhood regulars out in the park across the street. He was walking his dog, as he does each morning at that time. It's a tiny dog and the guy doesn't put a leash on him. The dog runs like mad all over the park, while the guy whistles and calls and cajoles and whistles and calls and . . . D and I marvelled at the early morning antics today. What we choose to put ourselves through in order to live with these animals in our lives!

Felix is sound asleep beside me as I write this. He sleeps all day now, like a surly teenager.

We're off very soon to head to church. I got some stuff to put in the fountain, called FountainClear--an all natural, animal-safe additive that will help keep the water clear. Then I want to set up the sanctuary for tomorrow's worship service. I have a lot of people participating in worship leadership and I want to make sure everything is ready before we get there tomorrow morning.

I'll write more about the worship service later. Good to be back.

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cyen said...

Hooray! Welcome back to blogging. I just googled training your cat to let you sleep and found this link:
There are some intersting points, but I also crack up at advice like this that tells you to ignore your cat. I can guarantee that if you matched the strongest willed human with the weekest willed cat, the human will lose :)
I do like the suggestion of waking the cat during the day (payback!)