Sunday, September 17, 2006


A couple moments today I just want to be able to remember: Driving to church this morning, as I sat in the passenger seat I caught a glimpse of Monk in the back seat. He was chewing bubble gum with loud smacks. Then he hooked a piece of the gum around his forefinger and twirled it round and round 'til it wrapped his finger completely. Then he stuck the whole thing in his mouth and started chewing again. It's a nothing moment, I know. But it felt joyous. Peaceful. Through-and-through kidlike. My boy.

Then, just a little while ago, D and Monk went across the street to the park to throw a football together. I missed most of it, buried in my own work. But I turned around near the end and watched them for a while out my big window up here on the second floor. D kicked the football in Monk's direction. He didn't catch it, but collected it from the ground and took off running toward D--who managed to sweep him up and take him decisively, if wonderfully gently, to the ground in a tackle. Then the two of them lay there, flat on their backs, Monk tucked into the nook of his dad's arm. Again--joy, peace, fun.

This morning the cat came home around 6. I heard his meow at the front door. When I opened the door, he trotted happily in. And there behind him was another cat gazing up at me with great inquisitiveness. Clearly the two of them had been hanging out together. This is the second cat Felix has brought home with him. I have a cat who makes friends with other cats and brings them home with him! I can't get over this.


cyen said...

These posts just made me smile :)

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

~laffin~ Cause you have a HOME and not just a house.

Anonymous said...

these are the "moments" that stay in your heart and mind forever---take it from one who knows.

revabi said...

Oh joy shear joy.
thank you for sharing the joy.

Love your scenes.

A cat who make friends.

A dad and his boy.

A boy and his gum.

Revem said...

"It's the bubbles of nothing, that make it really something"

This was the add for Aero(do you get those)chocolate bars, a while ago.

Your life is like an aero bar. It's the seemingly nothing moments, that make your life really something.