Saturday, September 16, 2006

Seeing the Day

How could things have possibly gotten to the point that sleeping 'til 7:00 on a Saturday feels like sleeping in?! I've seen so many pre-6:00 a.m. wake-ups in the past few weeks, I hardly recognize myself. But the thing is, early morning has started to feel like found time. You know all the times you hear someone wish for more hours in a day? Well, now I know where they are. They're the hours before sunrise.

It is another beautiful day here. And we've seen the parrots fly over once already. So they're still around. Such a joyous feeling. Feels like grace.

Monk is on my computer right now. (I'm writing from D's desktop, which feels so cumbersome compared to my laptop!) He's talking on Skype with his friend in Israel. Their conversations are full of disjointed nonsequiters as they dance through topics from video games to life in third grade. I love that they can talk for free--so we don't have to weigh each word in the price of gold.

Today is a work day for me. Preparing for class on Tuesday. We've put together a nice selection of readings on worship and social justice. I'm excited to teach the class after last week's introductory session on postmodernism. It was evident to me that folks were feeling concerned about how the church can have a prophetic voice in a postmodern world. So to set this session right next to the previous one will, I believe, produce some great thinking.

D and Monk are talking of going to the baseball game this afternoon. (Though Monk is wavering on the idea. He's a homebody--and he comes by it naturally!)

Whatever we all decide, though, it feels like it's gonna be a good Saturday.

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Bad Alice said...

Ah, yes, the found hours. I've discovered that I'm good at wasting those, too!