Saturday, January 13, 2007

Why Do Today What You Can Put Off 'Til Tomorrow?

When I was in the fifth grade, my grades took a nosedive. It was the first year of middle school. I was finding it more difficult than ever to tame what my kindergarten teacher had called my "free spirit." I'd gotten mixed in with the bad kids. I'm pretty sure a couple of them dropped out of school eventually. I didn't get along with my teacher at all. Somewhere along the way, I seemed to stop doing my homework completely. I remember lying in bed at night, dreading the next day.

About the middle of the year, my Mom was called in for a parent-teacher conference. My teacher looked at her gravely and said, "JWD has a real problem with procrastination."

Mom, without missing a beat, said with a twinkle in her eye: "Oh, I'll talk with her about that next week."

Mom never tamed her free spirit either. And my teacher was not amused.

So it made me laugh when I came across CNN's headline yesterday "Procrastination Report Released Five Years Late."

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rev maria said...

Thanks for visiting me! I was going to put off visiting your site until later today but I'm working on my tendancy to procrastinate. :-)

I'm so glad my comments at the 11th hour preacher party were helpful. I often find myself coming at scripture from way far from the way we usually look at the readings. I don't deliberately seek these comparisons, mind you. They just kind of appear in my mind. Holy Spirit helping maybe?

May that Spirit remain free!