Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Little Fish

I was greeted with very bright eyes last night when I came home from an end-of-semester gathering for our Liturgical Studies Area. Monk had his first Swimming Test last night. Not only did he pass the level he was in (Beginner 3) but he also passed the next level as well--skipping right over Beginner 4 and heading into Advanced Beginner.

He was proud as could be. And I am proud of him, too. Truly an accomplishment for him and a great boost of confidence to take him through the next level.


cyen said...

CONGRATS Monk! Oh no... Does this make you a "monk fish"? Perhaps one of the ugliest fishy in the sea? Not the Monk I know... I prefer Monk-who-swims-like-fish :)

PPB said...

how very cool!