Thursday, August 16, 2007

N'est Pas Fumer

Yesterday I took Monk to a doctor's appointment. The nurse was running through the routine beginning: measuring his height, weight, taking his temperature. She turned to me and asked a couple usual questions, finishing up with: "Does anyone smoke at home?"

"No," I answered.

"Only when she cooks," Monk quipped.


cyen said...

As someone who is only 3/4 through the latest Harry Potter book... I immediately thought that comment was so "Ron Weasley-ish" :)

Anonymous said...

i thought of it as more "brian regan-ish" myself. :-)

JWD said...

As appreciative as I am for your comments, I'm so deeply chagrined that you didn't immediately rise up in defense of my cooking, dear brother and dear mother! :D

cyen said...

Doh! It might be too late to redeem myself, but for what its worth, you are an excellent cook! I still remember that "south beach" chicken meal you made for me! :) Not to mention you are an ambitious cook in trying new recipes :)
- Monk, you got me in trouble! - hee hee

Amy said...


What a witty guy to have given that response so quickly. I imagine it delivered with a deadpan face.