Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Crazy Ideas are Afloat

So here's the thing. The wonderful and amazing RevGalBlogPals sent out word a few weeks ago that arrangements were being made for our first-ever RevGal Big Event. The matriarchs/board recommended the wildly unorthodox notion of taking a cruise together in the Spring! It was a creative way of gathering women from all over the world to a central location that was accessible by a major airport. And it was surprisingly affordable.

I have to say I never once imagined going on a cruise before, but when I checked into the details of the RevGals Big Event, I actually found it looked like a lot of fun. Unfortunately (though understandably), the RevGals decided that partners and kids wouldn't be invited to this particular event. So after giving it quite a bit of thought, I decided I just couldn't leave my guys at home while I went sailing off to Mexico. Most especially because it would be over Monk's tenth birthday. (That's double digits, baby!)

But a seed was planted. A bee was put in my bonnet. My imagination started running wild. And next thing I knew, I was sending away for cruise information for the three of us. Lately we've started to talk about taking a four-day (or so) cruise to Mexico during Monk's spring break (which is also, coincidentally, his birthday week). We'd leave from a Southern California port (not the RevGal New Orleans port).

I'm a little embarrassed by how fun I suddenly think this all sounds. It's not at all, not even remotely, connected to our simple lifestyle commitments of yesteryear. We don't live extravagantly by any means. Even so, despite our tiny apartment, we manage to pack in quite a few extras here and there. Still, a cruise?

But here's what appeals to me about it: being on the ocean (wow!), going to Mexico for the first time, traveling even while getting to stay in the same room each night (magic), meals included with the price (affordable), and doing something utterly different from what we've ever done before.

No decision has been made yet. I still need to research it all. :) But we'll see. Maybe...


Katherine said...

Even if the timing had been better for me, I probably wouldn't take off for a cruise w/out my hubby, either.

Do it! And most of the cruises leave from our area, so maybe you can stop by and see us before you leave!

Amy said...

C and I went to Mexico (not by boat) last summer. We went to an all inclusive resort. We were worried it would be cheezy, but it was the best vacation we've ever been on!

And it was totally affordable.

srf said...

I went to a gathering of clergy women with my partner this past weekend (nothing like roasting hotdogs on the beach with a bunch of UCC clergy) and as the sunset and campfire blazed, folks starting telling stories. Most of them were stories of traveling. It was so wonderful to hear about all these great places that folks had been to and experienced, from South Africa to Belize to Holland to France. It reminded me to be grateful for all the traveling I've done in my life and the many ways in which it consistently expands my world-view. I guess all of that is to say - have fun in Mexico :-)

Lorna said...

love it that you were inspired to do something 'fun' ... hope it works out :)

tip from my cousin (I've never been on a cruise!)- find out where the library is (and stock up when you get on board) and make sure you have table reservations for the meals. And if you're planning a hair do or pedicure book it in advance.


Purechristianithink said...

Since I am now living in an area from which cruises regularly depart, I'm thinking of cruises as possible family vacations too when I never would have before. If you don't have to take a plane to the departure port, they really do seem surprisingly affordable. I'll be eager to hear how this goes for you.