Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How To Know the (Work) Day is Done

Phew! Intense day of work on the dissertation proposal today and I am fried! I'm continuing to simply shape and refine the proposal, making every sentence as packed full of meaning and intent as I can.

One of my tasks today was to write down each of the major terms or concepts I'm employing in this dissertation and work out a definition for each one--so that I can precisely and concisely talk about them. That felt like pretty important work.

I also wrote a bit of an introduction which I think (I hope!) helps to situate where my project fits in the overall field.

All this while someone worked a jackhammer outside my office window. Can you say headache?

Now my weary brain has turned its attention to Target--where I need to buy some girly-girly hair stuff. No more big words for me today, I'm afraid. Just a vague sense of needing to buy pretty smelling shampoo.

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