Monday, April 03, 2006

Catching Up

These past couple days have been incredibly full days. In a good sense. The birthday celebrations were really joyous. We had a such fun ice skating on Saturday. It was astounding how far E has come with the skating since we first took him in December when he looked like a colt getting his legs under him for the first time. This time, all decked out in his hockey gear (looking three times his actual size), he just cruised around the rink like it was nothing. Some of my favorite moments were when he would declare that he was going around by himself. And I'd watch him from afar motor around completely on his own. Then again, some of my favorite moments were when he would spontaneously reach out and take my hand or his Dad's hand. My son.

As expected yesterday was way too full to pay much attention to the fact that it was E's actual birthday. And even this is something to marvel at--E was completely gracious about it all. The folks at church helped a lot. Lots of people wished him happy birthday. And when we gathered again in the evening for the Living the Questions group I'm leading, we all sang to him. (We even managed to do so at the exact moment he was born. It was 10:17 pm East Coast time, which E astutely converted to 7:17 West Coast time. (It hadn't occured to me to do that bit of math myself.)

Although I had not been looking forward to getting back into the swing of things (after enjoying time to actually study during Reading Week last week), class this morning went quite well. Not because everyone enjoyed it fantastically, but because I could tell people were engaged and being stretched and challenged. I also felt, once again, my own eagerness to be doing this officially (not merely as a Teaching Assistant, but as the real deal). I know this feeling can only be a good thing, but impatience is impatience! It ain't a comfortable place to be.

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