Wednesday, April 12, 2006

May I Introduce You?

I just discovered that two old friends have entered the blogosphere recently! Hooray! I invite you to visit their fledgling sites at Longboard Long Haul (on learning how to surf) and Amor Fati: Brooklyn (on Learning How to Pay Attention and Hoping to Love What Is). Great stuff!

BG and MBG are friends from college, oh, way back in the day. MBG preceded me to seminary and made the journey seem somehow possible. BG worked at our former life for a few years before they both headed off into the wilds of Brooklyn.

So I invite you to stop by their places and get to know them, too. I think you'll be glad you did. :)


BG said...

Thanks for the plug! The check is in the mail.

Steph said...

Thoroughly off-topic, but my e-mail's been screwy lately ... I did reply to yours (supposedly) .... let me know if it never showed up.

And now back to your regularly scheduled comment stream. ...