Monday, April 17, 2006

Searching for Home (2nd in a series)

We got to see another apartment this evening. And this one was much more encouraging than the last. Of course, the last apartment was within the range of what we could afford. And this one, well, it would be straining the boundaries.

This place had a number of positive things about it. It definitely had character, wouldn't you say? The outside, while it looks pink in this photo, is actually more red. I think it has a sort of fairytalelike look to it, though.

There are three apartments in this little house. The two-bedroom, which we looked at today. A studio in the front (where you see the bay windows). And the whole second floor is a third apartment.

As you can see, the kitchen is a great size and features new appliances. (In our current place I have to wrestle the crisper drawer out of its place every time I need to grab an apple or carrot. And the stove lights every sixth or seventh try.)

Just off the kitchen is a teensy-tiny living room. (Smaller than 10x10?) There is a bathroom (with a door!) and two comparably small bedrooms immediately off the livingroom. (No hallways in the place. Every door to every room opens directly into the one next to it.)

The photos are of the apartment while it's empty. This was not how we saw it, though. There were three people in there when we arrived. And incense was burning so thickly that it was a little difficult to see at all. :) I believe the incense had something to do with the HUGE bong that sat just inside the living room (on the other side of a thick red blanket that covered the door between the kitchen and living room).

There were two black cats living in this apartment. And this is just amazing to us. A black cat in the first place we saw. And two in this one. Mind you, these are not bad signs for us. Because a black cat lives in our family, too! So it's as though we're greeted by some eschatological Felix in every apartment so far.

I could see us living in this place. But somehow, somewhere along the way, D and I started to get excited about the possibility of living out closer to church. In the suburbs. We have never lived in the suburbs in our entire married life (thirteen years). We have a place in mind, though we don't know if there will be vacancies in time for us. We're supposed to get a tour on Thursday. Unless we can't wait and try to get in tomorrow.

Either way, I'll let you know.


Lorna said...

your seminary meets as usual on Easter Monday? what?

House hunting sounds fun. this house looks very Finnish (red wooden walls and white lintels) but I don't think I've seen a tiny house like this divided into THREE apartments.

no room to swing a cat - not even the eschatological Felix!

cyen said...

I too thought this looked like a really neat place for you guys, but then you said it was divided into 3!? I can't imagine. Smaller than 10x10? That's called a closet :)
It does get points for looks though :)
Suburbs? Cool. If only for $ reasons maybe you'll find a better place at a better rate - fingers crossed for ya.
PS> It's always a bad sign too, when the kitchen photo is taken through a "fish-eye" lens!

LutheranChik said...

I know they tell you to not make dramatic lifestyle changes within a year of a loved one's death, and I'm not...but I honestly don't see myself living in my house, or even in this community, much longer. So on the farther horizon I see a future apartment/condo hunting...and I remember how exhausting and disheartening this was back when I was living alone before. I'm wishing you the best of luck (and maybe taking notes for when it's time for me to seek a new domicile).

Katherine said...

I read, but didn't respond, to the whole having-to-find-new-digs conundrum. I'm so sorry you have to move on such short notice.

This place looks so cute. And I have to believe that if Amazon did their Statistically Improbable Phrases thing on blogs, "eschatological Felix" would definitely come up.

Blessings as you keep searching...

peripateticpolarbear said...

I don't know. I consider a black cat a good omen. And red! I love red!

JWD said...

LC, I hear you. You know, I feel like I'm actually actively fighting off the impulse to be wildly excited about the prospects of a new place. But I know that at least some part of me really does experience this as an adventure. But the practical side of me chastens the adventuresome side, saying: "Now, now, this is serious!"

Peripatetic--Oh yes! I agree! Red is wonderful!

Cyen: the fisheye lens seems to be standard practice. Goofy.

And to everyone, I've got the most wonderful cat (occasionally known as the eschatological Felix) sound asleep right next to me. :)

Canticles said...

I wish my apartment had that much character! Our building looks just like everyone else's. I think it would be pretty easy to just walk up to someone else's door without even realizing it. ;)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm adding you to my blogroll. :D